This includes special guests from playhouse disney


Narrator: One day in diamond city...

(door knocks)

wario: eh?

Jimmy T: (singing) i’m Jimmy t!

mona: (singing) I am mona!

dribble and spitz: (singing) we’re dribble and spitz

kat ana ana: (singing) we’re katana!

young cricket: (singing) i’m Young cricket!

master mantis: good!

dr crygor: (singing) they call me dr crygor

penny: (singing) i’m Penny!

mike: (singing) I am mike. Karaoke robot!

orbulon: (singing) i’m Orbulon

ashley: (singing) i’m Ashley

9 volt and 18 volt: (singing) and we’re... the volts!

wario: (laughing) you guys are very good singers!

9 volt: thanks

wario: and this means you are going to have an awesome performance at the big top tonight

mona: uh huh. And everybody will be watching

wario: so, Guys, enjoy!

(At playhouse Disney headquaters)

bear: oh hi!

kat: hi bear!

bear: i’m So glad to meet you, you Guys are going to be... (sniffs) What is that smell? It’s smells like... honey

ana: honey to bees?

bear: yes (sniffs) it’s you. Anyways, kat and ana, you are with me. So! Mona, Jimmy t, and dribble and spitz, search for Tony and viv. Ashley, orbulon And young cricket, get to the hundred acre wood. Dr crygor, mike and penny, find Olie. And you, 9 volt and 18 volt. enjoy your own adventure.

narrator: the adventure, starts Off with christopher robin’s room

christopher robin’s mum: chrsitopher, time for school!

christopher robin: ok mum!

ashley: red! How did you came here!

red: I came here

orbulon: you came here? So let’s jump in!

winnie the Pooh: ah! look who is here!

ashley: i’m Ashley, and I appear in warioware touched

piglet: touched

tigger: tiggers don’t like honey

red: they don’t

tigger: yes

(Cut to Lake Hoohaw)

9 volt: 18 volt, where are we?

18 volt: um...

(tv appears)

ken the reporter: breaking news! 9 volt and 18 volt is going to be performing at the big top tonight!

9 volt: wow! I hope! Fingers crossed!

(a few minutes later, at clown school)

mrs kersplatski: 27 volts, finally, how did you kids come?

9 volt: we’re here because we have a show tonight

(at the big top)

mrs kersplatski: hey Class, 9 volt and 18 volt are going to do an awesome performance

(the class of clown school cheers)

jojo: isn’t it exciting?

red: 9 volt and 18 volt are going to do an awesome performance

ashley: red! What are you doing?

red: I am smiling because these Nintendo freaks are ready to perform

(tonight is here, and PB&J and their friends are doing a opening number)

mrs kesplatski: (talks quietly) ok then you two, when jojo introduces you both, come out and shout.

mona: Miss, how on earth did you injure and say i’m Ok?

(After PB&J And their friends, it is pip and pop, Ojo, treelo, tutter, And Olie’s turn to do a opening)

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