• Francis as Gru
  • Hopper as Vector
  • The Queen as Gru's Mom
  • Dim as Mr. Perkins
  • Dr. Flora as Miss Hattie
  • Dot as Margo
  • Gypsy as Edith
  • Rosie as Agnes
  • Flik as Tim the Minion
  • Heimlich as Phil the Minion
  • Tuck as Dave the Minion
  • Roll as Jerry the Minion
  • Cornelius as Carnival Barker
  • Aphie The Aphid as Fred McDade
  • Princess Atta as Tourist Mom
  • P.T. Flea as Anchorman
  • Mr. Soil as Egyptain Guard
  • Grasshoppers as Other Minions
  • Bird as The Great White Shark
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