Alfie Has Kittens is the twelfth episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company. It was released on Thomas' Trusty Friends.


Alfie is upset when Max and Monty tease him about his size at a demolition site by calling him "small fry" and "half pint." Thomas tells him it does not matter as long as he is useful. Later, when Oliver is demolishing a building, Alfie hears a noise inside and goes to investigate. He finds a cat and her three kittens and rescues them before the wall collapses. The other members of the Pack cheer, even Max and Monty, and from then on, Alfie never complains about being small.



  • The Brickworks


  • Mirrored stock footage from Thomas' Train and It's Only Snow is used.
  • According to storyboards by Robert Gauld-Galliers, Ned was originally going to play a larger role in helping Alfie save the cat and her kittens. However, this idea was cut and Alfie rescues the kittens by himself instead.
  • This episode may have been inspired by the annual story, Thomas and the Tickles. 
  • This Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode marks the last of a few things:

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Alfie Heeft Jonge Katjes
German Kätzchen für Alfie


  • My Thomas Story Library - Alfie (discontinued)

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