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Alphabet Soup is the name of the latest game our administrative team is very happy to have brought all of you into the Sesame Street Games category on our website, which is a category which we are doing our best to fill up with as many awesome games as possible, since we know that there are a lot of fans of this show, who are very happy whenever we get to bring you these new games into this category. This is a game that features Cookie Monster, who always has great games. This time, he is not eating cookies, but eating a delicious bowl of alphabet soup that his mother made for him. What is great about alphabet soup is that not only it is delicious, but you can also use the letters in it to make words. That is what you do in this game, and we will explain just how right in this description, right now. You will get certain letters of a word, with one letter from the word missing. You then get three different letters to choose from, of which you have to choose the letter that you think is missing, so that you complete the word. Start this game right now, and have a lot of fun with it!

Date: 21 December 2009


  • Cookie Monster

Play Together

Ask your child, “What letter does the noodle words begin with? Help him to think of other familiar words that begin with that letter.


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