• Yakko Warner as Dudley Puppy
  • Dot Warner as Kitty Katswell
  • Wakko Warner as Keswick
  • Thaddeus Plotz as Chief
  • Runt as Biff
  • Rita as Peg Puppy
  • Mindy as Chipmunk Girl
  • Minerva Mink as Katty Katswell
  • Hello Nurse as Mrs. Katswell
  • Walter Wolf as Verminious Snaptrap
  • Sid the Squid as Chameleon
  • Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison as Professor BirdBrain
  • Slappy Squirrel as Zippy
  • Ralph the Guard as General Warhog
  • Duke as Jack Rabbit
  • Pinky as Owl
  • Brian as Bat
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