Ep 1.: "Show Off"/"Dog's Best Friend"

Ep 2.: "Adventures in Budylon"/"Ladonna Compson: Party Animal"

Ep 3.: "Molina's Mulligan"/"Buster Bombs"

Ep 4.: "Opposites Distract"/"Just the Ticket"

Ep 5.: "All Thumbs"/"Kidonia"

Ep 6.: "Speak Up, Francine!"/"Waiting for Snow"

Ep 7.: "Pets and Pests"/"Go Fly a Kite"

Ep 8.: "The Director's Cut"/"Crime and Consequences"

Ep 9.: "Caught in the Crosswires"/"Framed!"

Ep 10.: "Binky's Music Madness"/"Brain Freeze"

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