Ep 1.: "D.W.'s Library Card"/"Arthur's Big Hit"

Ep 2.: "Hide and Snake"/"Muffy's New Best Friend"

Ep 3.: "Buster's Breathless"/"The Fright Stuff"

Ep 4.: "The Contest"/"Prove It!"

Ep 5.: "The Blizzard"/"The Rat Who Came to Dinner"

Ep 6.: "D.W. Tale Spins"/"Prunella Gets it Twice"

Ep 7.: "Binky Barnes, Wingman!"/"To Beat or Not to Beat"

Ep 8.: "1001 Dads"/"Prunella's Prediction"

Ep 9.: "What is that Thing?"/"Buster's Best Behavior"

Ep 10.: "My Music Rules"/"That's a Baby Show!"

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