• Jake as Ironman
  • Luigi as Captain America
  • Buzz Lightyear as Thor
  • Molly as Black Widow
  • Cubby as War Machine
  • Catboy as Spiderman
  • Cody as Doctor Strange
  • Toad as Wong
  • Deema as Scarlet Witch
  • Goby as Vision
  • Wario as Winter Soldier
  • Sportacus as Falcon
  • Robin as Star-Lord
  • Starfire as Gamora
  • Beast Boy as Drax The Destroyer
  • Raven as Mantis
  • Brown Yoshi as Groot
  • Sonic The Wherehog as Black Panther
  • Pirate Princess as Okye
  • Isabella as Shuri
  • Shiverjack as Thanos
  • The Black Order as Themselves
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