Cast Edit

  • Vincent Van Goat as Cuddles
  • Vivian Van Goat as Giggles
  • Bard The Dragon as Toothy
  • Beethoven The Giraffe as Lumpy
  • Blue Mouse as Handy
  • Pink Mouse as Petunia
  • Squirrel Puppet as Nutty
  • Bach The Rabbit as Flaky
  • Mozart The Koala as Sniffles
  • Beethoven Dog Puppet as Splendid
  • Penguin Puppet as Pop
  • Blue Bird as Cub
  • Elephant Puppets as Lifty and Shifty
  • Zylon Dragon as Flippy/Fliqpy
  • Sheep Puppet as Lammy
  • Horse Puppet as Mime
  • Parrot Puppet as Disco Bear
  • Hippo Puppet as The Mole
  • Drumming Bear as Cro-Marmot
  • Cow Puppet as Truffles
  • Dog Puppet as Splendont

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