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Baby Fozzie Visits the Doctor is a 1995 Muppet Babies Little Golden Book featuring Baby Fozzie.

Fozzie is nervous -- he has to go to his new doctor for a checkup, and there's nothing funny about going to the doctor. When he and Nanny get to the waiting room, Fozzie is comforted when he sees other kids there -- reading, looking at pictures and playing with toys. Fozzie meets Dr. Beemer, a friendly pediatrician who wears Groucho Marx glasses and loves to tell jokes. Dr. Beemer weighs and measures Fozzie, tests his reflexes, listens to his heart, and looks down Fozzie's throat and in his ears. The one part of the appointment that isn't very funny is Fozzie's booster shot.

When Fozzie gets home to the nursery, he tells his friends that going to the doctor wasn't as scary as he thought.

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