Eli wages presents balamory


  • The Children as the guest miis
  • Tony Hadley as PC Plum 
  • Timmy Mallett as Archie
  • Tiffany as Penny Pocket 
  • Pat sharp as Spencer 
  • Denise Pearson as Edie McCredie 
  • Toyah Wilcox Miss Hoolie 
  • Nathan Moore as Susie Sweet
  • Carol decker as Josie Jump

Songs sung by themselves

Everybody everyone (TheCartoonMan12 version)

I’m Suzie sweet, i’m Penny pocket (TheCartoonMan12 version)

I’m Archie the inventor (TheCartoonMan12 version)

Climbing up my musical ladder (TheCartoonMan12 version)

Jump up a little higher (TheCartoonMan12 version)

I’m PC Plum (TheCartoonMan12 version)

When I honk my horn (TheCartoonMan12 version)

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