• Michael as Steve 
  • Danny as Slippery Soap
  • BJ as Mailbox
  • Carlos as Purple Kangaroo
  • Baby Bop as Tickety Tock
  • Barney as Shovel
  • Hannah as Pail
  • Miss Etta Kette as Blue
  • Riff as Tyrese Gibson
  • Jeff as Joe (Starts with J)
  • Jill as Sidetable Drawer
  • Keesha as Paprika
  • Chip as Baby Bear
  • Scooter McNutty as Periwinkle
  • Curtis as Mr. Salt
  • Kristen as Mrs. Pepper
  • Kim as Orange Kitten
  • Robert as Why Steve Quit
  • Stephen as Young Steve
  • Mateo as Gingerbread Boy
  • Darnell & Emily as Papa & Mama Bear

and more

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