Ep 1.: "All Aboard!"Edit

Ep 2.: "Up, Down and Around!"Edit

Ep 3.: "Tea-riffic Manners"Edit

Ep 4.: "Puppy Love"Edit

Ep 5.: "Bunches of Boxes"Edit

Ep 6.: "Stop! Go!"Edit

Ep 7.: "Red, Yellow, and Blue!"Edit

Ep 8.: "Play for Exercise!"Edit

Ep 9.: "Come Blow Your Horn!"Edit

Ep 10.: "A New Friend"Edit

Ep 11.: "Numbers! Numbers!"Edit

Ep 12.: "This Way In! This Way Out!"Edit

Ep 13.: "Spring Into Fun!"Edit

Ep 14.: "Play It Safe!"Edit

Ep 15.: "Three Lines, Three Corners"Edit

Ep 16.: "A Parade of Bikes"Edit

Ep 17.: "It's a Happy Day!"Edit

Ep 18.: "My Family and Me"Edit

Ep 19.: "Splish! Splash!"Edit

Ep 20.: "BJ's Really Cool House"Edit

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