Ep 1.: "A Fountain of Fun"Edit

Ep 2.: "On Again, Off Again"Edit

Ep 3.: "Sharing Is Caring!"Edit

Ep 4.: "Here Kitty, Kitty"Edit

Ep 5.: "Once Upon a Fairy Tale"Edit

Ep 6.: "It's Hot! It's Cold!"Edit

Ep 7.: "A Perfectly Purple Day"Edit

Ep 8.: "Day and Night"Edit

Ep 9.: "Play Piano with Me!"Edit

Ep 10.: "A Picture of Friendship"Edit

Ep 11.: "A-Counting We Will Go!"Edit

Ep 12.: "A Little Big Day"Edit

Ep 13.: "A World of Friends"Edit

Ep 14.: "Who's Your Neighbor?"Edit

Ep 15.: "Squares, Squares Everywhere"Edit

Ep 16.: "Let's Go for a Ride!"Edit

Ep 17.: "That Makes Me Mad!"Edit

Ep 18.: "It's Your Birthday, Barney!"Edit

Ep 19.: "It's Showtime!"Edit

Ep 20.: "At Home in the Park"Edit

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