• Drew Pickles as Thomas
  • Captain Crunch as Edward
  • Dick the Clown as Henry
  • Ronald McDonald as Gordon
  • Clifford as James
  • Barney as Percy
  • Quaker Queer as Toby
  • Ned Flanders as Duck
  • Chaz Finster as Oliver
  • Charlotte Pickles as Emily
  • Arthur as Stepney
  • Pube Muppet as Diesel
  • Pube Jason and Pube Nerd as Arry and Bert 
  • Screw Pickles as Diesel 10
  • Gaston and Frollo as Splatter and Dodge
  • Pube Beaker as Bulgy
  • Pube Swedish Chef as George
  • Stu Pickles as Murdoch
  • Pube Cookie Monster as Spencer
  • Shao Kahn as Cranky
  • The Grand Duke of Owls as Scruffey
  • Frieza as Smudger
  • Bergermeister Meisterberger as The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Burger King as D261
  • Jedah Dohma as Hector
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