• Otis as Professor Hershel Layton
  • Dag as Jean Descole
  • Pip as Luke Triton
  • Pig as Inspector Chelmey
  • Ben as Don Paolo
  • Daisy as Emmy Altava
  • Duke as Dimitri Allen
  • Freddy as Bill Hawks
  • Miles as Barton
  • Bessy as Flora Reinhold
  • Eddy, Igg, and Bud as Curtis O'Donnell, Inspector Clamp Grosky, and Marco Brock
  • Everett as Dr. Andrew Schrader
  • Etta as Claire Foley
  • Peck as Finch
  • Maddy as Ameila Ruth
  • Root as Clive Dove
  • Snotty Boy as Pierre Starbuck
  • Mr. Beady as Oswald Whistler
  • Mrs. Beady as Melina Whistler
  • Snotty Boy's Father as Frederick Bargland
  • Snotty Boy's Mother as Nina
  • Pizza Twin #1 as Clark Triton
  • Pizza Twin #2 as Anthony Herzen
  • Officer O' Hanlon as Desmond Sycamore
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