Cast Edit

  • Snowball as George
  • Pen as Harold
  • Winner as Mr. Krupp
  • Loser as Captain Underpants
  • Fanny as Melvin
  • Four as Professor Poopypants
  • X as Turbo Toilet 2000
  • Cake as Edith
  • Teardrop as Jessica
  • Taco as Erica
  • Lightning as Tommy
  • Cloudy as The Guy Who Said "Out of the road, bozo!"
  • Naily as The Mime
  • Book as Miss Ribble
  • 1 as Mr. Rected
  • 3 as Mr. Meaner
  • Yellow Face as Mr. Fyde
  • Leafy as Mrs. Beard
  • Announcer as Officer McPiggly
  • TV as Nobel Moderator
  • Bell as Miss Anthrope
  • Ice Cube as Mrs. Dayken
  • Other Objects as The Other Students at Jerome Horwitz Elementary School and Background Citizens
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