Cast Edit

  • Snowball as Coop
  • X as Kat
  • Golf Ball as Millie
  • Eraser as Dennis
  • Pen as Burt
  • Book as Old Lady Munson
  • Ruby as Phoebe
  • Blocky as Henry
  • Teardrop as Fiona
  • Fanny as Mr. Cheeks
  • Four as Kat Kommander
  • Bell as Buck
  • Stapy and Foldy as Lorne and Harley
  • Lightning as Growler
  • Taco as Honey Fluff
  • Announcer as Mr. Gerber
  • Marker as The Water Keeper
  • Pencil and Match as The Police Man
  • Ice Cube as Mrs. Brannigan
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