Cast Edit

  • Barry B. Benson as Wallace
  • Adam Flayman as Gromit
  • Ken as Victor Quartermaine
  • Scud (from Toy Story) as Philip
  • Vanessa as Lady Tottington
  • King Candy as a CyBug (from Wreck-It Ralph) as The Were-Rabbit
  • Carl Kasell as The Cooker
  • Lou Lo Duca as Mr. Growbag
  • Numbuh T (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Constable Mackintosh
  • Martin B. Benson as Mr. Mulch
  • Janet B. Benson as Mrs. Mulch
  • Sting as Feathers McGraw
  • Death Bear (from Regular Show) as Preston
  • Mr. Happy (from Mr. Men) as Hutch
  • Other Characters as Wallace and Gromit's Valued Clients
  • Mr. Men Characters as Rabbits
  • Buzzwell as Vicar
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