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Grandma's Berry Patch, Ruby's Bunny Scout Banner, Ruby's Detective Agency Ruby is picking berries for Grandma's surprise recipe, but Max is more interested in eating them! Max's mischief "helps" Ruby and Louise make the perfect Bunny Scout Parade banner. When Mrs. Quack goes missing, Detective Ruby and Assistant Max take up the case! Surprise Ruby, Ruby's Birthday Party, Ruby's Birthday Presents Max's birthday surprise for Ruby aren't exactly the kind of surprise she had in mind. There are lots of things to do at Ruby's birthday party, but Max only wants to eat cake. Max uses the wrapping paper from Ruby's birthday presents to wrap his own special gift. Ruby's Safari, Max's Mud Bath, Max's Lost Lizard On a backyard safari for exotic creatures, Ruby and Louise find plenty of....Max's toys. Ruby and Louise want to give Max a beauty treatment, but he prefers a natural mud bath! Ruby and Louise's color changing chameleon is on the loose, much to Max's delight. Ruby Riding Hood, Max And The Beanstalk, The Froggy Prince Little Red Ruby Hood needs to get by the Big Max Wolf on her way to Grandma's house! Max doesn't like beans - until he hears Ruby's story of Max and the Beanstalk! In this bunny tale, find out if princess Ruby and Froggy Max live "hoppily" ever after.


  • On this release, Save the Reindeer is advertised as coming to Fall 2007, despite it being released about five months previously.
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