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Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "Snack Time"Edit

Ep 2.: "What Time is it For Blue?"Edit

Ep 3.: "Mailbox's Birthday"Edit

Ep 4.: "Blue's Story Time"Edit

Ep 5.: "What Does Blue Need?"Edit

Ep 6.: "Blue's Favorite Song"Edit

Ep 7.: "Adventures in Art"Edit

Ep 8.: "Blue Goes to the Beach"Edit

Ep 9.: "Pretend Time"Edit

Ep 10.: "A Snowy Day"Edit

Ep 11.: "The Trying Game"Edit

Ep 12.: "Blue Wants to Play a Game!"Edit

Ep 13.: "The Grow Show!"Edit

Ep 14.: "Blue Wants to Play a Song Game!"Edit

Season 2Edit

Ep 1.: "What Does Blue Want to Make?"Edit

Ep 2.: "What Story Does Blue Want to Play?"Edit

Ep 3.: "Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme"Edit

Ep 4.: "What Is Blue Afraid Of?"Edit

Ep 5.: "Magenta Comes Over"Edit

Ep 6.: "Blue's News!"Edit

Ep 7.: "Steve Gets the Sniffles"Edit

Ep 8.: "What Does Blue Want to Build?"Edit

Ep 9.: "Blue's Senses"Edit

Ep 10.: "What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?"Edit

Ep 11.: "What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?"Edit

Ep 12.: "What Was Blue's Dream About?"Edit

Ep 13.: "Blue's ABCs"Edit

Ep 14.: "Math!"Edit

Ep 15.: "Blue's Birthday"Edit

Ep 16.: "What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?"Edit

Ep 17.: "What Does Blue Want To Do on a Rainy Day?"Edit

Ep 18.: "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!"Edit

Ep 19.: "The Lost Episode!"Edit

Ep 20.: "Blue's Sad Day"Edit

Ep 21.: "What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?"Edit

Ep 22.: "What Did Blue See?"Edit

Ep 23.: "Nurture!"Edit

Ep 24.: "Blue is Frustrated"Edit

Ep 25.: "What Is Blue Trying To Do?"Edit

Ep 26.: "Mechanics!"Edit

Season 3Edit

Ep 1.: "Blue's Big Treasure Hunt"Edit

Ep 2.: "Art Appreciation"Edit

Ep 3.: "Weight and Balance"Edit

Ep 4.: "What's That Sound?"Edit

Ep 5.: "Animal Behavior!"Edit

Ep 6.: "Blue's Big Pajama Party"Edit

Ep 7.: "Draw Along with Blue"Edit

Ep 8.: "Hide and Seek"Edit

Ep 9.: "Thankful"Edit

Ep 10.: "Blue's Big Holiday"Edit

Ep 11.: "Pool Party"Edit

Ep 12.: "Anatomy"Edit

Ep 13.: "Signs"Edit

Ep 14.: "Nature"Edit

Ep 15.: "Geography"Edit

Ep 16.: "Occupations"Edit

Ep 17.: "Blue's Big Mystery"Edit

Ep 18.: "Periwinkle Misses His Friend"Edit

Ep 19.: "What's So Funny?"Edit

Ep 20.: "Blue's Big Costume Party"Edit

Ep 21.: "Inventions"Edit

Ep 22.: "Blue's Play"Edit

Ep 23.: "Prehistoric Blue"Edit

Ep 24.: "The Wrong Shirt"Edit

Ep 25.: "Words"Edit

Ep 26.: "Magenta Gets Glasses"Edit

Ep 27.: "Blue's Collection"Edit

Ep 28.: "Café Blue"Edit

Ep 28.: "Shy"Edit

Ep 30.: "Environments"Edit

Ep 31.: "Stormy Weather"Edit

Season 4Edit

Ep 1.: "Imagine Nation"Edit

Ep 2.: "Adventure"Edit

Ep 3.: "The Anything Box"Edit

Ep 4.: "Superfriends"Edit

Ep 5.: "What's New Blue?"Edit

Ep 6.: "Blue's New Place"Edit