• Pinky Dinky doo As Steve
  • Joe As Bobby
  • Slippery soap As Tyler
  • Mailbox As Mr Guinea Pig
  • Tickety tock As Dafinee
  • Pockets As Three Cupcake Aliens 
  • The Piece Of Popcorn As Blue
  • Magican As Shovel
  • Nicholas Buscuit As Pail
  • Daddy Dinky Doo As Sidetable Drawer
  • Mommy Dinky Doo As  Mr Salt
  • A Kitten Wearing Mittens As Mrs Pepper 
  • Poopsie Piogon As Paprikia
  • Viki Chicken As Cinmmon
  • Grandma Dinky Doo As Kevin
And more
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