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Blue's Treasure Hunt A Learning Adventure is a PC game released on September 11, 1999 by Humongous Entertainment.

Characters EditEdit

Disc 1EditEdit

  • Paprika's Favorite Treasure
  • Mailbox's Favorite Treasure

Disc 2EditEdit

Locations and ActivitiesEditEdit

  • Blue's Clues House: the main place to explore around during the gameplay.
  • The Land Of Great Discovery: Only accessible after missions on Discs 1 and 2 have been completed.
  • School: Where Orange KittenGreen KittenPurple Kangaroo, etc. are having fun at.
  • The Park: Where Baby Bear paints a picture and plays at.

Treasure Hunt Arcade MinigameEditEdit

The Treasure Hunt arcade activity is a minigame on a computer in the treasure house at The Land Of Great Discovery where you have to bounce Blue's ball to get rid of the bricks and find a scroll while keeping the ball up with the bar. The arcade minigame's engine is a bit similar to WildTangent's Blasterball game series. There is also a custom level editor that can be used in this minigame in your own way.

Ten Episode Let's Play by CEO100ableEdit

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