Cast Edit

  • Wendy as Dorothy
  • Bob as Scarecrow
  • Scoop as Tin Man
  • Roley as Lion
  • Tom as Toto (they are both names Begins with "T")
  • Trix as Glinda The Good Witch Of The North
  • Calvin the Grabber Truck as The Wicked Witch Of The West
  • Lofty as Wizard
  • Muck as Uncle Henry
  • Robert as Proffessor Marvel
  • Sumsy as Aunt Em
  • Benny as the Gate Keeper
  • Scrambler as Flying Monkey Leader
  • Various Trucks as Flying Monkeys
  • Various Cars (From Cars) as Munchkins
  • Mrs. Percival as Miss Gulch
  • Sleet, Dingo, and Packer as Trees
  • Dodger, Flex, and Scratch and others as Winkie Guards
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