Cast Edit

  • Bob as Greg
  • Tom as Rowley
  • Scoop as Rodrick
  • Scrambler as Manny
  • Dot as Mrs. Heffley
  • Robert as Mr. Heffley
  • Scratch as Lil' Cutie
  • Muck as Heather Hills
  • Wendy as Holly Hills
  • Roley as Chirag
  • Farmer Pickles as Grandpa Heffley
  • Molly as Patty Farrell
  • JJ as Fregley
  • Lofty as Mr. Jefferson
  • Packer as Mr. Winsky
  • Scruffy as Princapal Roy
  • Benny as Mr. Gupta
  • Sumsy as Angie
  • Mr. Bernard Bentley as The Cranium shaker guy
  • Spud as Sweatie
  • Jackaroo as Jeff Kinney (They are both Names Begins with "J")
  • Nights as Mrs. Jefferson
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