Bob the Builder (1998)/Fantastic Mr. Fox is a parody with Fantastic Mr. Fox Sounds and Bob the Builder (1998) Clips


  • Bob as Mr. Fox
  • Robert as Station Fox
  • Wendy as Mrs. Fox
  • Roley as Beaver
  • Calvin the Grabber Truck as Walt Boggis
  • Sleet as Nate Bunce
  • Dingo as Frank Bean
  • Tutter (From Bear in the Big Blue House) as Mouse
  • Scoop and Lofty as Mr Fox's Cousins
  • Jackaroo as A Beagle
  • Spud as Ash
  • Benny as Kristofferson
  • Robert as Badger
  • Mr. Bentley as Coach Skip
  • Rat in the Hat (Bananas in Pyjamas) as Rat
  • Travis as Kylie
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