The Cast Edit

  • Bob as Fat Albert
  • Farmer Pickles as Old Weird Harold
  • Lofty as Dumb Donald
  • Roley as Bill
  • Scoop as Rudy
  • Tom as Bucky
  • Muck as Mushmouth (Both have the letter 'M' at the beginning)
  • Spud as Russell
  • Wendy as Doris
  • Dizzy as Lauri
  • Calvin the Grabber Truck (Bob the Builder Fan-Made) as Reggie
  • Mr. Bentley as Arthur
  • Mr. Dixon as Teen
  • Skip as Camera Salesman
  • Jackaroo as Basketball Player
  • Trix as Mrs Forchick
  • Packer as Coach Gillespie
  • Meg as Becky
  • Sumsy as Emmitt
  • Robert as Salesman
  • Mrs. Potts as Heather
  • Mr. Stevens as DJ
  • Mr.  Sabatini as Mr Mudfoot
  • Ernest, Stevie & Dozy (From Comedy Inc.) as Teen #1, Teen #2 and Teen #3
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