Bob the Builder (1998)/Jay Jay the Jet Plane is a Parody with Jay Jay the Jet Plane sounds and Bob the Builder (1998) Clips.

Cast Edit

  • Bob as Jay Jay
  • Roley as Big Jake
  • Wendy as Tracy
  • Sumsy as Savannah (They are Both Names Begins With "S")
  • Scoop as Herky (Scoop and Herky are Both Same Colour Yellow)
  • Tom as Snuffy
  • Lofty as Old Oscar
  • JJ as E.Z. O' Malley
  • Travis & Packer as Harry & Larry the Farm Hands
  • Scrambler as Lucky
  • Mrs. Bentley as Brenda Blue
  • Muck as Mountainview Airfield Manager (They are Both Names Begins With "M")
  • Pilchard as Early Gains
  • Trix as Erica Zepp
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