Cast Edit

  • Bob as Skarloey
  • Tom as Rheneas
  • Roley as Sir Handel
  • Lofty as Peter Sam
  • JJ as Rusty
  • Scoop as Duncan (Scoop and Duncan are Both Yellow)
  • Muck as Ivo Hugh
  • Scratch as Freddie
  • Bristle as Duke
  • Gripper and Grabber as Mighty Mac
  • Spud as Smudger (They are Both Names Begins with "S")
  • Farmer Percy Pickles as Bertram
  • Sumsy as Elizabeth
  • Jackaroo as Luke
  • Dizzy as Millie
  • Dodger as Proteus
  • Rubble as Neil
  • Skip as Stanley
  • Snips (From MLP FIM) as Lord Harry
  • Snails (From MLP FIM) as Godred
  • Packer as Mike
  • Coach Hines (From MADtv) as George
  • Flex as Cranky
  • Mr. Dixon as Fred
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