Cast Edit

  • Bob as Gene
  • Scoop as Hi-5
  • Wendy as Jailbreak
  • Mr. Bentley as Poop
  • Spud as Poop Jr.
  • Muck as Ice Cream
  • Sunset Shimmer (From My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) as Smiler
  • Conrad (From Bob the Builder: Mega Machines) as The Devil
  • Katie (From PAW Patrol) as The Angel
  • Lofty as The Christmas Tree
  • Pilchard as The Cat Emoji
  • Oh (From Home) as The Alien Emoji
  • Gordon (From Thomas & Friends) as Mel
  • Emily (From Thomas & Friends) as Mary
  • Tom as Alex
  • Jenny as Addie McCallister
  • Meg as Akkiko Glitter
  • Mr. Stevens as Puppy
  • Dozy (From Comedy Inc.) as Monkey
  • Blu (From Rio) as Twitter Bird
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