Cast Edit

  • Bob as Emmet (Bob and Emmet are Both Master Builders)
  • Roley as Batman
  • Wendy as Wyldstyle (they are both names begins with "W")
  • Scoop as Superman (they are both names begins with "S")
  • Sumsy as Wonder Woman
  • Muck as Green Lantern
  • Dizzy as Unikitty
  • Tom as Benny
  • Robert as Vitruvis
  • Lofty as Han Solo
  • Travis as Foreman Jim
  • Bertie the Bus (From TTTE) as C3-PO
  • Calvin the Grabber Truck as Bad Cop
  • Scrambler as Good Cop
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik (From Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) as Lord Business
  • Scritchy McBeard (From Gerald McBoing-Boing) as Metalbeard
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