• Sleet as Chris
  • Dingo as Chef
  • JJ as Geoff
  • Scoop as Duncan
  • Roley as DJ
  • Muck as Owen
  • Lofty as Harold
  • Percy as Cody
  • Lori Loud (From The Loud House) as Eva
  • Spud as Tyler
  • Tom as Noah
  • Calvin the Grabber Truck as Justin
  • Bob as Trent
  • Mrs. Barbara Bentley as Bridgette
  • Sumsy as Leshawna
  • Trix as Lindsey
  • Meg as Beth
  • Mrs. Potts as Courtney
  • Dot as Heather
  • Emily (From TTTE) as Izzy
  • Lana Loud (From The Loud House) as Katie
  • Lola Loud (From The Loud House) as Sadie
  • Mrs. Sabatini as Sierra
  • Robert as Alejandro
  • Stevie The Steam Train (From Comedy Inc.) as Ezekiel
  • Wendy as Gwen
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