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Season 10Edit

Ep 1.: "Bob's Big Plan"Edit

Ep 2.: "Bob's Fresh Start"Edit

Ep 3.: "Lofty's Shelter"Edit

Ep 4.: "Scoop's Recruit"Edit

Ep 5.: "Where's Robert?"Edit

Ep 6.: "Wendy's Welcome"Edit

Ep 7.: "Roley's New Friend"Edit

Ep 8.: "Two Scoops"Edit

Ep 9.: "Benny's Back"Edit

Ep 10.: "Spud's Straw Surprise"Edit

Ep 11.: "Off-Road Scrambler"Edit

Ep 12.: "Meet Marjorie""Edit

Ep 13.: "Muck's Mud Hut"Edit

Ep. 14.: "Wendy's Party Plan"Edit

Season 11Edit

Ep 1.: "Scrambler in the Doghouse"Edit

Ep 2.: "Benny's Important Job"Edit

Ep 3.: "Put-It-Together Spud"Edit

Ep 4.: "Roley's Round-Up"Edit

Ep 5.: "Dizzy the Detective"Edit

Ep 6.: "Two Jobs Travis"Edit

Ep 7.: "Scrambler and the Colorful Cave"Edit

Ep 8.: "Spud's Bumper Harvest"Edit

Ep 9.: "Muck's Convoy"Edit

Ep 10.: "While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play"Edit

Ep 11.: "Off-Road Scrambler"Edit

Ep 12.: "Bob's Three Jobs""Edit

Ep 13.: "Scoop Knows It All"Edit

Season 12Edit

Ep 1.: "Dizzy's Sleepover"Edit

Ep 2.: "Lofty the Star"Edit

Ep 3.: "Sumsy's Willow Tree"Edit

Ep 4.: "Slow Down Scrambler!"Edit

Ep 5.: "Travis and the Tropical Fruit"Edit

Ep 6.: "Scoop the Teacher"Edit

Ep 7.: "Sir Muck"Edit

Ep 8.: "Bashing Crashing Benny"Edit

Ep 9.: "Spud's Cork Tree"Edit

Ep 10.: "Bob's Top Team"Edit

Ep 11.: "Sumsy and the Beast"Edit

Ep 12.: "Listen with Scrambler""Edit

Ep 13.: "Roley's Bird's Eye View"Edit

Ep 14.: "Mr. Bentley's Assistant"Edit

Ep 15.: "Roley's Moleys"Edit

Season 13Edit

Ep 1.: "Spud Rushes It"Edit

Ep 2.: "Scrambler's Seaweed Delivery"Edit

Ep 3.: "Massive Muck"Edit

Ep 4.: "Roley's Apple Press"Edit

Ep 5.: "Travis' Giddy Day"Edit

Ep 6.: "Muck's Drying Tunnel"Edit

Ep 7.: "Benny's Jungle Trouble"Edit

Ep 8.: "Dizzy the Walking Bus"Edit

Ep 9.: "Packer's First Day"Edit

Ep 10.: "The Bob House"Edit

Season 14Edit

Ep 1.: "Mr. Bentley's Big Parade"Edit

Ep 2.: "Scrambler the Goat Herder"Edit

Ep 3.: "Packer's Big Delivery"Edit

Ep 4.: "Spud the Woodsman"Edit

Ep 5.: "Muck's Mootastic Diary"Edit

Ep 6.: "Roley the Green Cat"Edit

Ep 7.: "Put-It-Together Bob"Edit

Ep 8.: "Dodger the Milk Truck"Edit

Ep 9.: "The Three Musketrucks"Edit

Ep 10.: "Scoop Slips Up"Edit

Ep 11.: "Dodger's Dairy Disaster"Edit

Ep 12.: "Bob's Beach Hut"Edit

Season 15Edit

Ep 1.: "The House That Lofty Built"Edit

Ep 2.: "Bob's Big Idea"Edit

Ep 3.: "Roley Brings the House Down"Edit

Ep 4.: "Muck's Machine Wash"Edit

Ep 5.: "Lofty's Comet"Edit

Ep 6.: "Lofty the Lifeguard"Edit

Ep 7.: "Go, Mr. Bentley, Go"Edit

Ep 8.: "Star Struck Spud"Edit

Ep 9.: "Tumbler and the Skate Park"Edit

Ep 10.: "Fantastic Flex"Edit

Ep 11.: "Packer's Trailer Trouble"Edit

Ep 12.: "Scoop's Best Team Ever"Edit

Ep 13.: "Tumbler's Perfect Promenade"Edit

Ep 14.: "Spud and the Hotel"Edit

Ep 15.: "Clean as a Whistle Bristle"Edit

Ep 16.: "Zoomer's Snowy Adventure"Edit

Season 16Edit

Ep 1.: "Radio Bob"Edit

Ep 2.: "Tumbler and the Ice Rink"Edit

Ep 3.: "Spud the DJ"Edit

Ep 4.: "Silent Scoop"Edit

Ep 5.: "Scrambler Gets Prepared"Edit

Ep 6.: "Sumsy's Special Building"Edit

Ep 7.: "Lofty's Banana Tree"Edit

Ep 8.: "Roley's Flat Garden"Edit

Ep 9.: "Super Splasher"Edit

Ep 10.: "Breezy Bristle"Edit

Ep 11.: "Splasher's Two Stops"Edit

Ep 12.: "An Inspector Calls"Edit

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