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“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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Season 17 Edit

Ep 1.: "Scratch's Hidden Treasures" Edit

Ep 2.: "Scrambler's Best Idea" Edit

Ep 3.: "Scoop the Artist" Edit

Ep 4.: "High Tide for Lofty" Edit

Ep 5.: "Roley's Rovers" Edit

Ep 6.: "Start from Scratch" Edit

Ep 7.: "Night Time Scratch" Edit

Ep 8.: "Lofty and the Monster" Edit

Ep 9.: "Dizzy In Charge" Edit

Ep 10.: "Lofty's Helpful Day" Edit

Ep 11.: "Scoop's Sea Rescue" Edit

Ep 12.: "Scratch's Star Turn"" Edit

Ep 13.: "Pineapple Scratch" Edit

Ep 14.: "Scrambler's Stage Surprise" Edit

Ep 15.: "Wendy's Birthday Surprise" Edit

Ep 16.: "Scratch Goes Solo" Edit

Ep 17.: "Dizzy and the Wheelies" Edit

Ep 18.: "Muck's Beach Tower" Edit

Ep 19.: "Here Comes Muck" Edit

Ep 20.: "Scrambler Gets Clean" Edit

Season 18 Edit

Ep 1.: "Scrambler and the Clue" Edit

Ep 2.: "Lofty and the Teddy Bear Rescue" Edit

Ep 3.: "Muck and the Old School Wall" Edit

Ep 4.: "Scoop's Big Job" Edit

Ep 5.: "Dizzy Finds a Pirate" Edit

Ep 6.: "Roley and the Seagull" Edit

Ep 7.: "Lofty and the Diggers Three" Edit

Ep 8.: "Scoop and the Roller Coaster" Edit

Ep 9.: "Rubble and the Seagull Surprise" Edit

Ep 10.: "Roley and the Impossible Bump" Edit

Ep 11.: "Muck's Train to Trouble" Edit

Ep 12.: "A Dinosaur for Scratch"" Edit

Ep 13.: "Whizzy Dizzy" Edit

Ep 14.: "Travis' New Garage" Edit

Ep 15.: "Scratch and the Dream Room" Edit

Ep 16.: "Roley and the Fox"

Ep 17.: "Super Scrambler" Edit

Ep 18.: "Roley's Weather Rap" Edit

Ep 19.: "Bob's Big Bounce" Edit

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