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Brenda is a blue bulldozer who works for the Sodor Construction Company.


Thomas & Friends

In Brenda's first appearance, she moved stone meant for the foundations of the new Wellsworth Hospital building off of the construction site, thinking that it had been carelessly dumped there by Max and Monty. When Max and Monty returned - having got stuck in mud on the way to the dump site - she soon realised her mistake. With the help of the rest of the Pack, she moved the stone back to the construction zone. Once the site was ready, she carefully flattened it.

Later, she went to Italy along with some other members of the Pack to help Ester.


Brenda is both friendly and strong. She is very tidy and will go to great lengths to stop anything from ruining her flat ground - Max and Monty especially. She takes great pride in her work and Miss Jenny remarks that "nobody can keep things level like our Brenda."

Technical Details


Brenda is based on a Caterpillar D9H bulldozer.


Brenda is painted in a blue livery with a pale yellow cab and the number 24 written on the blue section behind her cab in a matching yellow.


Voice Actors

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