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September 26, 1991 - November 4, 2002

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Brum is a small car that lives in a garage with lots of other old cars. But Brum is different than the others, as he comes to life. His owner doesn't know this and doesn't know that he sneaks out behind his back for adventure.

He loves to go around Birmingham, England every day to find adventures and he meets some of his friends. Follow him as he helps to save the day by identifying criminals stealing stuff or just stops things like a dog from getting away or runaway objects and he even dances with people in the ending.

Then its time for Brum to return and sneak back into the garage, past his owner, before anyone notices that he's missing. Then he goes fast asleep.

He can drive by himself and can express himself in a number of ways including opening and closing his doors and bonnet, "bobbing" his suspension, flashing and swiveling his headlamps, rotating his starting crank, extending his turn signals, and using his horn. He opens his doors to make him happy and flaps his bonnet up to make him angry, but in the older series, he does not. Sometimes you can tell from his eyes.


The show mainly uses Hanna-Barbera, Premiere Edition Volume 1 and Cartoon Trax sound effects (along with a few Warner Bros. sounds that were only heard in a few episodes).

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