Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a good show that can be used in Pre-K and Kindergarten class. Good Quality, Good for YTP's along with Caillou and Arthur.


  • Gil as Daniel Tiger
  • Mia as Baby Margaret
  • Molly as Daniel Tiger's Mom
  • Mr. Grouper as Grandpere
  • Avi as O The Owl (Both Blue)
  • Chris as X The Owl
  • Deema as Katerina Kittykat
  • Sandy as Henrietta Pussycat
  • Nonny as Prince Wednesday
  • Farmer Joe as King Friday XIII
  • Kelly as Queen Sara Saturday
  • Goby as Prince Tuesday
  • Oona as Chrissie
  • Stylee as Miss Elaina
  • Justin as Music Man Stan
  • Ranger Kate as Lady Elaine
  • RuPearl as Teacher Harriet
  • Marty as Baker Aker
  • Ms. Jenny as Dr. Anna
  • Mail Carrier as Mr. McFeely
  • Trolley as Himself
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