Cast Edit

  • Gil as Nemo
  • Gumby (from Gumby) as Marlin
  • Deema as Dory (both have names that start with D)
  • Dog (from WordWorld) as Gill
  • Pig (from WordWorld) as Bloat
  • Bear (from WordWorld) as Peach
  • Frog (from WordWorld) as Gurgle
  • Duck (from WordWorld) as Bubbles
  • Sheep (from WordWorld) as Deb
  • Ant (from WordWorld) as Jacques
  • Felix (from Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends) as Nigel
  • Microsoft Sam (from Davemadson) as Crush
  • Little Guy (from Greeny Phatom) as Squirt
  • Molly as Pearl (both have pink on them and are girlfriends to Gil and Nemo)
  • Goby as Sheldon
  • Nonny as Tad
  • Mr. Grouper as Mr. Ray
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