Version 1Edit

  • Gil as Manny Garcia (aka The Mexican Bob The Builder) (Gil and Manny are my favorite characters)
  • 3 Hyenas, Monitor Lizard, The Snuggler, and 3 Moon Monkeys as Felipe, Turner, Stretch, Squeeze, Pat, Dusty, Rusty, and Flicker
  • Deema as Kelly Crenshaw
  • Nonny as Mr. Lopart (Season 1-2)
  • Marty Snailer as Abuelito (Season 3)
  • Ms. Jenny as Mrs. Portillo
  • Molly as Lucia Ayala (only in the episode, Quinceañera)
  • Farmer Joe as Mr. Ayala
  • Sandy as Mrs. Ayala
  • Oona as Lola Garcia
  • Mr. Grouper as Mr. Kumar
  • Bubble Kitty as Fluffy
  • Goby as Abuelito (Season 1-2)/Mr. Lopart (Season 3)

And more

Version 2Edit

  • Ryder (from PAW Patrol) as Manny
  • Katie (from PAW Patrol) as Kelly
  • Chase (from PAW Patrol) as Felipe
  • Rocky (from PAW Patrol) as Turner
  • Nonny as Stretch
  • Molly as Dusty
  • Oona as Squeeze
  • Gil as Flicker
  • Goby as Pat
  • Marshall (from PAW Patrol) as Rusty 

Version 3Edit

  • Mr. Grouper as Manny
  • Sandy as Kelly
  • Oona as Squeeze
  • Nonny as Flicker
  • Molly as Stretch
  • Gil as Felipe
  • Deema as Dusty
  • Goby as Turner
  • Skip as Pat
  • Avi as Rusty
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