Bubble Guppies/Super Why! is a parody featuring audio from Super Why! and clips from Bubble Guppies. Part of the Bubble Guppies/PBS Kids area.

Cast[edit] Edit

  • Gil as Whyatt Beanstalk/Super Why (They both have blue eyes)
  • Jackson as Pig/Alpha Pig
  • Oona as Little Red Riding Hood/Wonder Red
  • Molly as Princess Pea/Princess Presto
  • Bubble Puppy as Woofster
  • Farmer Joe as Mr. Beanstalk
  • Sandy as Mrs. Beanstalk
  • Jimmie as Jack Beanstalk/Ken Beanstalk
  • Mia as Joy Beanstalk
  • Avi as Peter Piper/Prince Charming
  • Deema as Cinderella
  • Goby as Owen
  • Stylee as Rapunzel
  • Nonny as Little Boy Blue
  • Skip as Wolfie
  • Marty as Poppa Pig
  • The Rockband Lobsters as Eldest and Middle Pig
  • Other Super Why! Characters as Themselves
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