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Well, it's time for you all to check out the second game we have just added into the Sesame Street Games category right now, which is called Bumper Cars, and which you will definitely like, especially if you are a fan of car games. This is not a regular car game though, since it is a game which features bumper cars, which are meant for bumping into one another. Interesting, right? What do you have to do in the game more precisely? Well, if you want to find, out you only need to read the next part of the description and find out! In order to get on the ride, you need a ticket, and in order to get a ticket, which you don't have, you will have to get the character a certain number of trash that starts with a certain letter. For example, in the first level, you have to bring him three pieces of trash that start with the letter M. This way, through the objects which you select, you learn about letters, so this game is not only fun, but educational also. Get on with it right now, only on our website, and we guarantee you are going to have a really fun time with it!


  • Oscar

Play Together

  • Talk about the letter in the game and the sound that it makes. After you give Oscar his trash, go on a hunt around your home to find three more things that start with that letter.


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