Elmo: Wow! Elmo and Abby are Exploring In The Garden.

Abby: There are so many beautiful leaves, and flowers, (Gasp) and plants!

Elmo: Elmo knows, let's grow a plant,

Abby: I Can Use My Magic To Help.

Elmo: Great!

Abby: Let's See, what do we need to grow a plant?

Elmo: Elmo can try to find what we need in the yard, maybe you can help too!

Abby: Good Idea!

Elmo: Let's Go!

Elmo: Elmo doesn't think a plant can grow on a book.


Abby: The Paintbrush is for painting, not planting.

Elmo: Shampoo? Elmo doesn't think a plant needs to wash his hair,

(Elmo Laughing)

Elmo: That's a rock, Elmo thinks, most plants can grow their roots in a rock.

Abby: Watch Out For The Little Animals, They like to eat the plants, touch the animals to shoo them away! SHOO!!!!!!

Elmo: Yeah! Now we can start planting, Elmo can't wait to see the plants grow,

Abby: look, we grew plants, Elmo, look at are beautiful garden.

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