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*Lightning McQueen as Paulie
Lightning McQueen As Paulie
*Finn McMissile as Harry
*Sally as Fiona
Finn McMissile As Harry
*Holley Shiftwell as Cindy
*Flo as Alice
Sally As Fiona
*Guido as Troy
*Ramone as Digsy
Holley Shiftwell As Cindy
*Cruz Ramirez as Wheelie
*Dinoco Helicopter as Hector
Flo As Alice
*Bobby Swift as Freddy
*Tex Dinoco as Tommy
Guido As Troy
*Mater as Calamity
*Lynda Weathers as Iris
Ramone As Digsy
*Cal Weathers as Percy
*Fillmore as Frankie
Cruz Ramirez As Wheelie
*Doc Hudson as Fred
*Bob Cutlass as Wacky Wayne
Dinoco Helicopter As Hector
*Darrell Cartrip as Lambert
Bobby Swift As Freddy
[[Category:Cars Parodies]]
[[Category:Heroes of the City Parodies]]
Tex Dinoco As Tommy
Mater As Calamity
Lynda Weathers As Iris
Cal Weathers As Percy
Fillmore As Frankie
Doc Hudson As Fred
Bob Cutlass As Wacky Wayne
Darrell Cartrip As Lambert

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  • Lightning McQueen as Paulie
  • Finn McMissile as Harry
  • Sally as Fiona
  • Holley Shiftwell as Cindy
  • Flo as Alice
  • Guido as Troy
  • Ramone as Digsy
  • Cruz Ramirez as Wheelie
  • Dinoco Helicopter as Hector
  • Bobby Swift as Freddy
  • Tex Dinoco as Tommy
  • Mater as Calamity
  • Lynda Weathers as Iris
  • Cal Weathers as Percy
  • Fillmore as Frankie
  • Doc Hudson as Fred
  • Bob Cutlass as Wacky Wayne
  • Darrell Cartrip as Lambert
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