The miitopia parody about a pink haired girl sophie (played by Numbuh 5)

image: Numbuh 5 in her own parody during the miitopia opening

theme song bloopers Edit

numbuh 5: hello everyone, i’m Sophie

Cast Edit

  • Numbuh 5 as Sophie
  • Zoe plummer (young apprentice) as real sophie
  • Numbuh 1 as Stephen
  • tim ankers (young apprentice) as real Stephen
  • Lil‘d as Anshar
  • Arjun rajyagor (young apprentice) as real anshar
  • Craig as Finley
  • jordan de courcy (young apprentice) as real Finley
  • Flint Lockwood as Declan
  • Adam eliaz (Young apprentice) as real Declan
  • betty barrett as albertine
  • Hannah cherry (young apprentice) as real albertine
  • Jeramaine as Sam
  • Rhys rosser (young apprentice) as real Sam
  • Kim as Davina
  • Kirsty cleaver (young apprentice) as real davina
  • Supergirl as Lily Mae
  • emma Walker (young apprentice) as real lily mae
  • Green lantern as Britney
  • hibah ansary (young apprentice) as real Britney
  • Mandy as the dark lord jackie
  • Ami as Ex dark lord jackie
  • Lazlo as Elliot
  • unikitty as ashley
  • Gumball as Liam
  • Nicole Watterson as Lara
  • Terra as Homie
  • beast boy as ian
  • Numbuh 2 as Hayden
  • Mr. Herriman as Carlo
  • Blossom as courtney
  • Bubbles as anushka
  • Buttercup as amber
  • Madison as Eve
  • Numbuh 3 as Princess Saffron
  • Apple as Erin
  • Onion as Joshua
  • Frankie Foster as Katie
  • Yumi as darker lord Katie
  • Dee Dee as Isabella
  • starfire as chloe
  • Robot Jones as Luke
  • Dexter as james
  • Robin as aaron
  • Raj as chris
  • Clam as oliver
  • flapjack as holly
  • captain k’nuckles as matthew
  • Ed as Junior
  • Numbuh 4 as king george
  • Tamika as Patrice
  • Eddie as Omar
  • Juniper Lee as Lauren
  • Sam sparks as sophie m
  • Sarah as niamh
  • Kevin as Bradley
  • Eddy as Jack
  • Double D as Edward
  • Rolf as Chayse
  • Bloo as Ian d
  • Mac Foster as tyreece
  • Wilt as finley
  • Johnny bravo as Daniel
  • Panda as dominic the dragon
  • Puppycorn as Toby

segments will be used

traveller’s hub Edit

Nathan odom (masterchef junior) as Andrea

gabi (Sesame Street) as Jess

Ashley as chelsea

Cassandra as friend from nimbus shakira

Billy as lincoln

Matt as lost friend Elliot b

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