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Character Encyclopedia is a large book with 184 pages.


Meet Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends from the Island of Sodor, and beyond! Discover fun facts about more than 100 Thomas & Friends characters. Learn all about the real life vehicles they are based on.



  • The hardcover book includes a Minis Thomas engine.
  • This book features every named engine, rolling stock and off-rail vehicle character in the CGI series at the time, with the exceptions of Hannah, Terence, Bulgy, Carly, Big Mickey and Beresford.
  • The book reveals that Flying Scotsman went back to help Gordon finish the race after the blue engine's boiler exploded in The Great Race . This might have been in the script during production.


  • Belle's prototype picture shows a 2-6-0 tender variant of the BR Class 4MT, whereas her actual prototype is the 2-6-4T variant of that class.
  • According to the book, Hugo's basis was built in 1930, however in reality it was constructed in 1929.
  • Hurricane's steam pipes are referred to as smoke deflectors.

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