• Charlie Bucket as Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Will Turner
  • Sally (from Sonic) as Elizabeth Swann
  • Willy Wonka as Josamee Gibbs
  • Mike Teavee as James Norrington
  • Dr. Robotnik (from Sonic) as Captain Barbossa
  • Coconuts (from Sonic) as Jack the Monkey
  • Scratch (from Sonic) as Pintel
  • Grounder (from Sonic) as Ragetti
  • Robots (from Sonic) as The Black Pearl Crew
  • Montana Max (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Davy Jones
  • Megaman (from Mega Man) as Cotton
  • Rush (from Mega Man) as Cotton's Parrot
  • Robot Masters (from Mega Man) as The Crew of the Flying Dutchman
  • Feathers McGraw (from Wallace and Gromit) as Sao Feng
  • Shadow (from Sonic) as Lord Cutler Beckett
  • Dr. Wily (from Mega Man) as Blackbeard
  • Violet Beareguarde as Angelica
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