Cast Edit

  • Driscoll as Linny
  • T-Bone as Tuck
  • Mi-A as Ming Ming
  • Clifford as Ollie
  • Mac as Buck
  • Darla as Ginny
  • Billy as Chimp
  • Larry as Inchworm
  • Flo as Baby Kitten
  • Daffodil as Mother Cat
  • Kevin as Father Cat
  • Shackelford as Puppy
  • Maxwell as The Visitor
  • Bob as Baby Dragon
  • Betty as Uni
  • Alfie as Magical Butterfly
  • Zo as Baby Fox
  • Polly as Little Bee
  • Cleo as Wingo Starfish
  • Monty, Maggie, and Melvin as The Three Little Pigs
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