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Color me hungry - sesame street

Because we know that you love to play Sesame Street Games on our website, which is what we have noticed these past several days, with the games that we have added, we knew that today we also had to add a new game to this category, in order to make the fans of these characters happy that they get to play once again with their favorite characters, the one who you will be playing this time being the Cookie Monster, who is definitely one of our favorites. Let's see what the game, called Color Me Hungry is all about, so that you can start playing it right now. What you will be doing is to take the fruits and vegetables from the stand, and put them in the bins, putting them in the bins that have their color. So, a food that is the color red is going to be put in a bin that is red, and so on. Fill all the bins up with all of the colored food, and by doing that you learn about food and about color at the same time, which we are sure is something that you will like and have a lot of fun doing. Start this awesome game right now, let the fun begin, only on our website, and you will have the best time ever!


  • Cookie Monster
  • Grover



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