Moose: Step right up friends, my boggy woggy buddy wants to teach us a little dance. Okay Zee, show us Step 1

Moose: Nice. Let's Try It, Step 1 is Jump. Show us Step 2

Moose: Step 2, Clap 2 times, Lookin good, now Step 3

Moose: Step 3 is Twirl Around, at last step a doozie. That is to say a bit tricky. Let me see if i have this straight. Step 1 Jump, Step 2, Um, do you remember what the next step is?

Viewer: Clap 2 Times

Moose: That's Right Clap Two Times, Now Step 3, Uh... What is Step 3? 

Viewer: Twirl Around. 

Moose: Right you are, twirl around, you know all the steps to the delightful dance. Say, What do you call this dance anyway? 

Moose: The Mashed Potato? Oh, The Mashed Potato, With Gravy of Course, Nice Name. 

Moose: You Know, In all this dancing in Prancing, I forgoting what the last step is in Zee's Mashed Potato With Gravy Dance. 

Moose: First We Jump. Second We Clap 2 Times. But, remine me, what's the last step? Could you get up and show me? 

Viewer: Twirl Around

Moose: Twirl Around, that's it, way to rule, Wow Zee! Take a Baw and move get down with your downing supper. 

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