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Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "Daniel's Birthday"/"Daniel's Picnic"Edit

Ep 2.: "Daniel Visits School"/"Daniel Visits the Doctor"Edit

Ep 3.: "Daniel's Babysitter"/"Daniel Goes to School"Edit

Ep 4.: "Daniel Gets Mad"/"Katerina Gets Mad"Edit

Ep 5.: "Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play"/"Finding a Way to Play on Backwards Day"Edit

Ep 6.: "Daniel and Miss Elaina Play Rocketship"/"Daniel Plays at the Castle"Edit

Ep 7.: "Friends Help Each Other"/"Daniel Helps O Tell a Story"Edit

Ep 8.: "Something Special for Dad"/"I Love You, Mom"Edit

Ep 9.: "A Trip to the Enchanted Garden"/"A Trip to the Crayon Factory"Edit

Ep 10.: "Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car"/"Katerina Shares Her Tutu"Edit

Ep 11.: "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty"/"Daniel Goes to the Potty"Edit

Ep 12.: "Fruit Picking Day"/"Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad"Edit

Ep 13.: "Daniel Waits for Show-And-Tell"/"A Night Out at the Restaurant"Edit

Ep 14.: "Thank You, Grandpere Tiger!"/"Neighborhood Thank You Day"Edit

Ep 15.: "The Neighborhood Votes"/"The Class Votes"Edit

Ep 16.: "Be a Vegetable Taster!"/"Daniel Tries a New Food"Edit

Ep 17.: "Good Morning Daniel"/"Goodnight Daniel"Edit

Ep 18.: "Daniel Plays Ball"/"O Builds a Tower"Edit

Ep 19.: Daniel Gets a Shot"/"A Stormy Day"Edit


Ep 20.: "Daniel's Sleepover"/"Backyard Camping"Edit

Ep 21.: "You Are Special"/"Daniel is Special"Edit

Ep 22.: "Neighborhood Clean Up"/"Clean Up Time"Edit

Ep 23.: "The Dragon Dance"/"Teacher Harriet's Birthday"Edit

Ep 24.: "Super Daniel!"/"Play Pretend"Edit

Ep 25.: "Daniel Uses His Words"/"All Aboard"Edit

Ep 26.: "Daniel Says I'm Sorry"/"The Royal Sandbox"Edit

Ep 27.: "Calm at the Clock Factory"/"Calm for Storytime"Edit

Ep 28.: "Katerina's Costume"/"Dress Up Day"Edit

Ep 29.: "It's Time to Go"/"Daniel Doesn't Want to Stop Playing"Edit

Ep 30.: "Safety Patrol"/"Safety at the Beach"Edit

Ep 31.: "Neighbor Day"Edit

Ep 32.: "A Snowy Day"/"Tutu All the Time"Edit

Ep 33.: "Daniel's New Friend"/"Same and Different"Edit

Ep 34.: "Line Leader Daniel"/"Neighborhood Jobs"Edit

Ep 35.: "Duckling Goes Home"/"Daniel Feels Left Out"Edit

Ep 36.: "Daniel Gets Frustrated"/"Frustration at School"Edit

Ep 37.: "Daniel Gets a Cold"/"Mom Tiger is Sick"Edit

Ep 38.: "Daniel is Jealous"/"Jealousy at the Treehouse"Edit

Ep 39.: "Winter Magic"Edit

Ep 40.: "Daniel Learns About Empathy"/"Empathy at School"Edit

Season 2Edit

Ep 1.: "The Tiger Family Grows"/"Daniel Learns About Being a Big Brother"Edit

Ep 2.: "The Baby Is Here"Edit

Ep 3.: "Time for Daniel"/"There's Time for Daniel and Baby Too"Edit

Ep 4.: "Playtime Is Different"/"The Playground Is Different With Baby"Edit

Ep 5.: "Daniel Fixes Trolley"/"Problem Solver Daniel"Edit

Ep 6.: "Daniel's Friends Say No"/"Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to Play"Edit

Ep 7.: "Daniel's Winter Adventure"/"Neighborhood Nutcracker"Edit

Ep 8.: "It's Love Day!"/"Daniel's Love Day Surprise"Edit

Ep 9.: "Daniel Explores Nature"/"Daniel's Nature Walk"Edit

Ep 10.: "Miss Elaina Gets Hurt"/"Daniel Feels Better"Edit

Ep 11.: "Daniel Can't Ride Trolley"/"Daniel Can't Get What He Wants"Edit

Ep 12.: "Nighttime in the Neighborhood"Edit

Ep 13.: "A Storm in the Neighborhood"/"After the Neighborhood Storm"Edit

Ep 14.: "Margaret's First Chime Time"/"Tiger Family Fun"Edit

Ep 15.: "Looking for Snowball"/"Daniel's Neighbors Help"Edit

Ep 16.: "Daniel Makes a Mistake"/"Baking Mistakes"Edit

Ep 17.: "Daniel Thinks of Others"/"Daniel Thinks of What Margaret Needs"Edit

Ep 18.: "Daniel Takes Care of Snowball"/"Margaret's Bathtime"Edit

Ep 19.: "Friends and Feelings"/"Daniel's Day of Many Feelings"Edit

Ep 20.: "Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm"/"Fireflies and Fireworks"Edit

Season 3Edit

Ep 1.: "No Red Sweater for Daniel"/"Teacher Harriet's New Hairdo"Edit

Ep 2.: "Sharing at the Library"/"Daniel Shares with Margaret"Edit

Ep 3.: "Daniel's Allergy"/"Allergies at School"Edit

Ep 4.: "Daniel Makes a Noise Maker"/"Daniel Makes the Neighborhood"Edit

Ep 5.: "The Neighborhood Fall Festival"/"Field Day at School"Edit

Ep 6.: "Daniel and O's Road Trip"/"Daniel's Puppet Plan"Edit

Ep 7.: "Daniel and Margaret Play School"/"Treasure Hunt at the Castle"Edit

Ep 8.: "Daniel's Happy Song"/"Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday"Edit

Ep 9.: "The Lemonade Stand"/"Mad at the Beach"Edit

Ep 10.: "Daniel Feels Two Feelings"/"The Neighborhood Carnival"Edit

Ep 11.: "Tiger Family Trip"Edit

Ep 12.: "Visiting Grandpere"/"The Tiger Family Goes Back Home"Edit

Ep 13.: "Daniel's Bicycle"/"Katerina's Magic Trick"Edit

Ep 14.: "Daniel Goes To Sleep"/"Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over"Edit

Ep 15.: "Daniel Takes His Time"/"Sometimes It's Good To Go Slow"Edit

Ep 16.: "King Daniel For The Day"Edit

Ep 17.: "Firefighters At School"/"Daniel's Doll"Edit

Ep 18.: "Daniel's Very Different Day"/"Class Trip To The Library"Edit

Ep 19.: "Daniel Loves Tigey"/"Daniel Needs Tigey At School"Edit

Ep 20.: "Daniel's Goldfish Dies"/"Daniel's Strawberry Seeds"Edit

Ep 21.: "Daniel Wants To Be Alone"/"Daniel's Alone Space"Edit

Ep 22.: "Daniel Gets Mad At Dad"/"Daniel Gets Mad At His Friends"Edit

Ep 23.: "Daniel Doesn't Want To Go Potty"/"Daniel Sits On The Potty"Edit

Ep 24.: "Circle Time Squabble"/"It's Not Okay To Hurt Someone"Edit

Ep 25.: "Daniel Learns About Lizards"/"Daniel Wonders About Trolley"Edit

Season 4Edit

Ep 1.: "Daniel Finds Something To Do" / "Daniel's Royal Good Time"Edit

Ep 2.: "Daniel's Lunch" / "Daniel's Toy"Edit

Ep 3.: "The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor?"Edit

Ep 4.: "Jodi's First Day at School" / "Daniel Plays at Jodi's House"Edit

Ep 5.: "A New Friend at School" / "A New Friend at the Playground"Edit

Ep 6.: "Daniel Visits the Dentist" / "Daniel's First Haircut"Edit

Ep 7.: "Daniel's Obstacle Course" / "Daniel Plays in a Gentle Way"Edit

Ep 8.: "Daniel Learns to Ask First" / "Friends Ask First"Edit

Ep 8.: "Jodi's Mama Travels for Work"/"The Tiger Family Babysits"Edit

Ep 9.: "Daniel Does Gymnastics"/"The Big Slide"Edit

Ep 10.: "Daniel's Blueberry Paws"/"Wow at the Library"Edit

What episodes are these shots from?Edit

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